4/19 - UNEXPOSED #3 (at The Barn & Cupola in Durham, NC)
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Saturday, April 19th
The Barn & Cupola
2315 Albany St
Durham, NC 27705

FILMMAKER #3,4,5: Kate Ewald, Lorenzo Gattorna, and Margaret Rorison.


UNEXPOSED is gearing up for its third monthly screening on Saturday, April 19th featuring works by the programming trio of Sight Unseen based in Baltimore: Kate Ewald, Lorenzo Gattorna, and Margaret Rorison.

As always with UNEXPOSED, filmmakers Kate and Lorenzo will be in attendance!

Screening at 7pm sharp. Bring your questions! And BYOBooze.

Contact: durhamunexposed@gmail.com [352.318.5872 or 352.318.6705]





Make-Up Iterations, 2014, 16mm, color, silent, 2.5m

After a snafu with the optical printing of REVLON / CLINIQUE / OPI REDUX, I tried again. The process became personal.


a : the way in which the parts or ingredients of something are put together : composition
b : physical, mental, and moral constitution
a : cosmetics used to color and beautify the face
: something that makes up for a previous postponement, omission, failure, or deficiency


: the action or a process of iterating or repeating: as
a : a procedure in which repetition of a sequence of operations yields results successively closer to a desired result.

REVLON / CLINIQUE / OPI REDUX, 2013, 16mm, color, silent, 2m

A prelude to Make-Up Iterations. Made exclusively from cosmetics given to me by my mother from adolescence onward and never used on my body.

Feedback Landscape (Purple), 2012, analog video feedback to HD, color, sound, 8.5m

Analog video feedback from a Panasonic WJ-MX10 video mixer and camera set-up, captured to HD. Searching for the ocean and the sky in an apocalyptic digital landscape. Finding animation in action. Sound: 'An Evening Shroud' by P. Hunter McCurry.

Apollo's Eye, 2010, digital video, color, sound, 2m

Worms from a retinal cancer lab injected with phosphorescent compounds; the sun's light reflecting off the moon into the lens; the re-capturing of two analogue forms through a different lens.



Sunrise Fires, 2013, 16mm-to-digital, b/w and color, sound, 6.5m

In early September 1995 the Sunrise Wildfire was extinguished. 7,000 acres had burned during the peak of the tourist season yet nobody was killed. The aggravated assault swept from one side of Sunrise Highway to the other without the slightest hesitance. Another series of severe brush fires ignited 17 years later and became known as the Brookhaven Blaze. The outbreak left around 2,000 acres torched. The wild ruin and regrowth were revisited within The Central Pine Barrens, the largest natural area on Long Island and its last remaining wilderness.

Sound: Ryan Marino

Mountain Lying Down, 2012, 16mm-to-digital, b/w & color, sound, 3m

The title signifies the Native American name for the Grand Canyon, a massive gorge in the state of Arizona and one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Turbulence and tranquility gain exposure at enthralling elevations. Strata are uplifted through edges of contrast caused by severe slants of the sun. The scope of the sacred site reaches translation in static brevity, unearthing billions of years of sedimentary rock sequences.

Music: Excerpt from ENDLESS TIME "POWERLESS" by Kevin McEleney

The Enchanted Forest, 2011, 16mm-to-digital, color, sound, 6.5m

A cinematic portrait made in memory of the theme park that still remains in Baltimore County. The film weaves together the beauty of both the abandoned and restored landscapes. Subtle superimpositions of the vibrant attractions amidst the forgotten forest present the possibility of a nostalgic return to a former glory. The imagery that unfolds is set to the Ave Maria as performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra under the direction of Leopold Stokowski. A special thanks goes to Clark’s Elioak Farm for its cooperation in the production of this film.



Pull/Drift, 2013, 16mm, color, sound, 10m

Ritual takes form amid a late summer landscape. This film documents a unique choreographed performance that took place one late summer afternoon in Patapsco State Park in Baltimore, Maryland. Choreographed by Clarissa Stowell Gregory and performed by The Effervescent Collective. Soundtrack composed by Josh Millrod.

The Waiting Sands, 2013, 16mm, color, sound, 5m

My grandfather, Harry Bennett was a huge influence on me as a young artist and thinker. He was a painter and had made a living as an illustrator for gothic and romance novels in the 1960s. Last November, he was omitted to the hospital with terminal conditions. Unable to film him, I began to capture the harvest moon outside his bedroom window as a way to cope with the emotions I was experiencing. A few hours after the footage had been shot, my grandfather passed away. This footage serves as a document of his last breaths.
Soundtrack composed by Josh Millrod.

 The title of the film is taken from a romance novel written by Susan Howatch, published in 1966.

Gowanus Haze, 2012, 16mm, b/w, sound, 5m
The filmmaker returns to her old neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. The footage captures a landscape known as The Gowanus Canal, an area of Brooklyn, which was once inhabited by a productive port and industrial compound.

The film’s soundtrack incorporates recordings of the filmmaker’s demented grandfather who recalls his own memories of New York City. Additional sounds include the recordings of the projector projecting the film itself.


Our focus is to establish an ongoing presence of experimental cinema by exposing its local artists to our community. Long live the avant-garde! Uninhibited by the pressures of distribution, this century-old art form consistently propels the moving image into a realm of creative pureness. Oh, what a beautiful thing.

Filmmakers always in attendance. Bring your brain and your beer.

Upcoming Programming:
5/3 - SPCL NTRST @ The Crown